When? February 9th / 18:00 /
Where? Viljandi Freedom Square and Konservatoorium (Koidu 13a) 
Ticket: Freedom Square: Free!
              Ticket for the evening part €3 (on sale at the Konservatoorium)

DJ Maiduk will open the Viljandi Lights of the Visual Arts Festival. On Freedom Square, funk and soul are heard from inside the installation "Ouroboros" by French/Syrian artists UV LAB, which awaken the inner spring.  We open the Viljandi Tuled 2024 festival and plug in the installations!

After the opening, everyone will have the opportunity to explore the installations in the urban space, and we can meet again at 10:00 PM in the Conservatory, where the Viljandi Tuled evening zone ticks off. DJ Uku Masin is at the head of the evening zone, followed by DJ Shnsho B2B DJ khelkhal- UV LAB artist duo from France. )