Time: 9th-25th of February  
Visiting hours: 24/7             
Location: Freedom Square 9
Entrance: Free

“Ouroboros” is an innovative and thought-provoking wooden installation that explores  the Art of Survival through the mythical symbol of a snake eating its own tail.
The installation refers to the cyclical nature of life and the environment, and that everything is interconnected, constantly changing and renewing. The organic, curved wooden form of “Ouroboros” invites you to interact and co-create with it,  encouraging you to discover the beauty hidden in natural materials. 
"Ouroboros" with its scale and striking visual presence encourages visitors to reflect on their personal relationship with the environment, the planet, and consider the  importance of the Art of Survival for the future of our society.

UV LAB is a group of architects and designers, who have moved beyond designing buildings into more artistic forms. They have previously builded large-scale wooden installations in various European cities.

For more information: https://www.uvlab.fr/

The UV LAB collective's installation "Ouroboros" has been launched as part of the Viljandi Tuled 2024 OPEN CALL. Viljandi Tuled 2024 open call is an official part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main program. Viljandi Tuled 2024 open call belongs to the program line "Science and technology"

MAP for the Freedom Square (trans. Vabaduse plats)