When? 9th-11th of February 2024
Visiting hours: 24/7
Location: Streetart Gallery, Posti 32
Entrance: Free

For the first time, the students of Pallas College of Arts are taking part in our festival.  Their supervisors are landscape architect Kerli Irbo and assistant manager of the furniture  department Kristina Allik.

The students create site-specific urban furniture in Viljandi,  with the Viljandi street art gallery as its location. The outdoor furniture will remain in  the urban area even after the festival, but in the spring-summer time.  

For subject supervisor Kerli Irbo, the most important thing when creating a space is to act  in harmony with nature, considering and supporting its diversity. He believes that  everything we experience and get back from the world is directly influenced by our being  and actions.

In spatial creation, he is inspired by the creation of human-scale space, play and the stimulation of playfulness, permaculture, the use of natural materials, the creation  of installations and temporary solutions. He has been designing urban space for nearly ten  years in the company TajuRuum.

Participating students: Monika Teder, Gert Christjanson, Teiloora Ojaste, Rebecca Raak, Bruno Sepp.

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