When? February 10 12:00-13:00
Where? Viljandi City Gallery
3€/5€ - buy here!

The event is inspired by the format of Onu Raivo's Jutupliiats, where next to the fairy tale, a drawing is made that fits the context.

The fairy tale is presented by Greta Liisa Grünberg and the picture is created by Maari Soekov. The target group of the event is children, but curious adults are also welcome.

12:00 As Greta Liisa Grünberg narrates the fairy tales Maari Soekov's pencil embarks on a whimsical journey across the page.
13:30 The treasure hunt organized by the library begins.
Children and curious adults are welcome to the event.
The event is in Estonian.

Tickets at the door: 5 EUR
The ticket is intended for a child with an accompanying person.