SATURDAY February 11th, 22:00-03:00
Where? Pööning, Tartu 9, Viljandi

Ticket: 15 EUR / student 10 EUR / At the door 17 EUR / TICKETS

Age limit 18+.

5LOOPS is a hip hop project which has more faces than all the gods in the world. The name of the project was inspired by it's simple structures: all the beats are constructed from only five loop samples, in the old-school style.

With love of 90s hiphop in mind, they sample jazz and funk music, producing a “back in the day” sound that’s completed by an emotive lyrical flow. With years passing by the project has been growing larger with its members.

Prominent MCs from all over Estonia support sPoom with their rhymes, including Põhjamaade Hirm, Chalice, Tommy Boy, Okym Riim, Gorõ Lana, Reket , 7N, Klinika, Lord, JOC, Genka, Manipulated Mindz etc. Also the project has involved co-works with Ruste Juxx (US), Starang Wondah (US), Sean Price (US), JFlows (UK), APS (RU), Caskie (UK), Saydetrap (RU) and JAG (FIN).

5LOOPS have released 2010LP, 2012EP, 2013LP, 2013EP, KRICKx5LOOPS, 2000MISIGANES LP, VAIKUS, PROJEKT V and plenty of singles.
Evening is filled with dope beats by Taskuröökingu DJ Jobska & Maci [R2 - Linnadžungel] ja Viljandi oma dj RuutjuuR ( )
DJ RuutjuuR
what to expect? Hip-hop music, with a hints of soul, funk and jazz. In the tracklistis you will find old-school, true school and some new beats around the world. 

Light design by Joosep Kurm

Facebook event: 5LOOPS @ Viljandi Tuled

Viljandi Linn, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Kultuuriministeerium, Eesti Rahvakultuuri Keskus.